Forhadur Rahman
Md. Forhadur Rahman
Web Developer - ERP/CRM/Management Software/Backend Expert - Database Researcher
Mobile Developer - Android Applications - REST API


Android Apps


My expertise areas are :
✔ Php ✔ MySql ✔ MongoDB ✔ CodeIgniter ✔ REST API ✔ Angular JS ✔ Ajax ✔ JQuery ✔ JavaScript ✔ HTML/CSS ✔ Paypal Integration ✔ Stripe Payment Gateway ✔ Twitter Bootstrap ✔ Facebook API ✔ Twitter API ✔ Google Map API ✔ Android App Development

Hello,I am Md.Forhadur Rahman and I am a Full-Time Freelance Web Developer. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science at August,2012 from Sylhet Engineering College, SUST. I am involved with Web Development since last 5 years.My works mostly involved with backend development like developing CRM ,Business Management System,Account & Management Software for companies and businesses. I also develop android application and provide complete package with API.
Maintaining Quality and Client satisfaction is my goal.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio site.

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